Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Illinois House votes for referendum to eliminate office of lieutenant governor

The Illinois legislature could be voting to eliminate the lieutenant governor's office, saving taxpayers $2M annually starting in 2019. Click here to view article.

Monday, April 22, 2013

School Board Meeting: April 22, 2013

The April school board meeting was held tonight at 7:30 pm. My notes on the meeting are as follows (these are not official meeting minutes)
The mission statement was read and a public hearing discussion was held regarding attendance on Lincoln's birthday and Casimir Pulaski Day. There was no public comment on the topic and the hearing was closed.
No visitors requested to address the board.
The agenda was posted on the School Board website.
Roofing repairs at the high school was discussed. $50k for product, labor provided by school employees. Roof leaks with the recent storm were handled and no surprise leaks were discovered. Warranty expired many years ago. Roof replacement would be significantly more at $14/sq ft vs. $2.50/sq ft.
Mike Sutton stated that a special board meeting will be held one week from tonight to seat new board members. They will also be interviewing candidates for the seat vacated by Mr. Basden. Rene Friedel spoke to Mark Hosto and Chris English regarding their departures from the board. Mike gave his thanks for their service.
New business was discussed: changes to the handbook were adopted; personnel changes; holiday schedule; meal prices for next year (increase by $.10 lunch, $.05 breakfast) with additional increases potentially each year by $.10 until reaching an amount suggested by the state; bus company increasing pricing to cover fixed costs after route changes are implemented, but a $300k savings should be realized; latchkey program rate increases (amount they pay in rental costs to school), a plan formulated to increase their fees gradually to reach an amount they should be paying; grant paperwork being submitted; surveillance equipment discussed for schools.
Executive session was called.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Douglas, Grantfork again named as Honor Roll Schools

Our area schools shine as examples of excellence.  Click here to read the Highland News Leader article.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thank You

Please patronize the generous businesses of Highland that provided support to the School Bonds campaign in Highland. Their contributions assisted in a successful outcome to the election! We offer them our thanks and wishes for continued success in our community!

Judy Neier, Owner of Highland Printers
(618) 654-5880
907 Main St, Stop 4
Highland IL 62249
Supported and provided printing service to Parents of Highland for flyers and brochures.  Thank you, Judy!

Blake Schrumpf, State Farm Agent
(618) 654-3344
2768 Troxler Way
Highland, IL 62249
Supported Parents of Highland with banner display at his office location in Highland.  Thank you, Blake!

Jeff Weis, Affiliated Insurance
(618) 654-4416
32 Zbinden Lane
Highland, IL 62249 (between Koepfli Lane & IL-143)
Supported Parents of Highland with banner display at his office location in Highland.  Thank you, Jeff!

Janet Nicolaides, Owner of Compustitch
(618) 654-4754
1010 Laurel Street
Highland, IL 62249
Supported Parents of Highland with banner display in Highland.  Thank you, Janet!

Additional thanks to Royal Office Products
(618) 654-7514
809 Main Street
Highland, IL 62249
Great products and timely service!